My mom has been in the hospital all week for an infection she got in the nursing home. My sister and I thankfully have been allowed to check on her at the hospital, even though the coronavirus has been going on. Yesterday was the only day we did not check on her. When I called the hospital today to check on her status, I was told she had been discharged the day before. What????? I NEVER received a phone call regarding this, yet they managed to call me five times this week asking me who her local physician is. When I told the nurse this, I was put on hold for about 5 minutes and then told a social worker would call me back. The social worker was a little flippant about it so I cut her off and told her I needed to talk with the next person in charge, because I wanted to file a complaint.

I get the fact that we are in the midst of a health crisis, and that my mom is 90 years old, but good golly, she is a dementia patient. How can they just check her out of the hospital to a nursing home without telling me? Is this even legal given her mental status? I am her POA.

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My problem was that Mom was sent from the NH to the hospital but we brought her back only to find that they would let her back in. We needed her to be brought back by transport. Went back to the hospital but they wouldn't let her passed the ER lounge. I was able to get the desk clerk to call around for a transport but it was going to be an hour. It was 11pm at that time. The NH eventually called and said they got permission for us to bring Mom back.

Mom was discharged back to her NH. Which probably is protocol. Yes, I do think the discharge staff should have called and told you. This is who u needed to talk to. In my experience, most of the time, the SWs are worthless. I would also ask the NH why they didn't call you.
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I understand you are upset, but she was sent to a nursing home, not to an empty house where there is no one to look after her.
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