Mom was admitted. Via the ER for high blood sugar and pneumonia. She has been in he hospital since 7/4/2013 and has been basically responsive There is a larger hospital with more experience but the doctors will not sign off on a transfer. They are doing Hail Mary passes such as compression leggings that has nothing to do with her acute lack of responsiveness. any advice as to how to get her treatment venue changed?

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Mom's sugar dropped to 40 a few days ago in the hospital and had I not screened bloody murder to hospital administration she would have been dead. I find the beginning of your response seriously lacking compassion. FYI she was in the hospital for nine days and the diabetes numbers were not stabalized. When I asked that she be transferred to another hospital known for an exceptional diabetes program they refused with suggestions I place her in their nursing home. I am reaching out to the second hospital to request an immediate transfer. hope you get better treatment when you get old and face doctors who do not have an answer and refuse to contact the experts for help.
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If you have a primary care physician, I'd call them in on a consult. The patient (or his/her advocate/POA) has the RIGHT to ask for second opinions. Also, most hospitals have a "patient's advocate/advisor" on staff who might be able to help you make decisions. A word of advice, based on personal experience .. when you're talking with these people, be as rational as you can be. Don't be docile, but be reasonable. Ask tons of questions to help you understand WHY they're making the decisions they're making, asking them to help you understand. I know most doctors, especially, seem to act like gods or demi-gods, but they're not (and even THEY know it), so treat them like what they are: they're caregivers, too.
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I wouldn't call that holding her hostage, nor would I discount things like compression leggings. That's a pretty inflammatory charge, and there are circumstances in which leggings are exactly what could be necessary to keep blood pressure up and reduce the load on the heart, something that might be pretty handy for an elderly diabetic with pneumonia and a compromised cardiovascular system. Unless you have a medical degree or have other information that would indicate this is bad medicine, I'd suggest you would be better off asking questions to get answers instead of bad-mouthing the staff.

If she is as unresponsive as it sounds, they may well fear that a transfer would kill her. Talk to the docs and ask why, but don't be accusatory. Such accusations as you've made against them here will put them in a defensive position. If I were a doc and heard any of this hostage, hail mary, lack of care stuff you are saying, I wouldn't take any risk I didn't have to even at your request if I thought it increased the risk and that you'd sue if something happened.

The bottom line is that an unresponsive elderly diabetic with pneumonia isn't someone you risk transfer with unless there is reasonable medical certainty that they can make it. These are severe but not uncommon conditions that more experience will solve. If you don't like the doctor, ask for another one. If there's another doc at another hospital who you trust more, ask if he's willing to take the case where you mom is. Fluids, antibiotics, glucose control, cardiovascular support are all indicated. Beyond that, time, prayers, and your mom's ability to fight back are all you have. Hope it turns out well for her and you. Best!
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