Hi, all!

Mom has been having some signs of anemia in her blood for the past six months or so and her home-care doctor has said he cannot do anything further for her -- neither with the blood nor with her more important issues, the spinal/nerve problems that prevent her mobility.

So, his suggestion was to admit her to the Mayo Clinic -- a 5 hour drive from our home. I'm wondering if any other hospital in our area (Rush University, Northwestern, University of Chicago) might be able to give comparable care to that of the Mayo.

She would need a place where the doctors would look at her condition comprehensively (Mom always says she needs a "Dr. House" like in the show of that same name) and not discharge her without real progress . . . or with transferring her to a physical rehab facility.

Does anyone have advice?

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Found this from their site:

Does Mayo Clinic accept Medicare assignment?
Medicare has two billing parts. Medicare Part A covers inpatient hospital services. Medicare Part B covers clinic services, physician fees and outpatient hospital services.

Mayo Clinic is a nonparticipating provider in the Medicare program and doesn't accept assignment on claims submitted to Medicare Part B except:

Where the law requires Mayo Clinic to do so
In the case of documented financial hardship
When the supplemental insurance is a contract payer
When you reside in the state of Minnesota
Mayo Clinic files claims to Medicare Part A and Part B on your behalf.

When claims are sent to Medicare on a nonassigned basis, the benefits for the services are sent directly to you. The law doesn't require health care providers to accept Medicare's approved amount as payment in full, and providers are entitled to bill you for the difference between their billed amount and Medicare's approved amount. Mayo Clinic limits its charges according to the limits set forth by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for the Medicare program. You're responsible for payment of all billed charges, including those that exceed Medicare's approved amount.
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Both hospitals you mention have excellent reputations, as you know. (I live in suburban Chicago, by the way.)

Did you check to see if Mayo's took Medicare? It seems to me I read something about them declining Medicare patients. If that's not an issue either way, I'd just point out something you've probably already thought of . . . the inconvenience of having mom in the hospital 5-1/2 hours from home.

Mayo's certainly has a well-deserved great reputation, but so do RU and NU. I'd sure call it a toss-up without the drive.

Good luck!
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