What are the hospice qualifications for an 80 year old Alzheimer's patient?


What are the hospice qualifications for 80 year old alzehemiers Demetia pt ? Do they have to be actively dying and can they still go to their dr appointments ? Example neuro Dr? Thank you all in advance ! Mom is not actively dying but is declining her mental status is poor , she is hallucinating and cleared of. UTI or other medical conditions ..thank you

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Call Hospice and they will come and evaluate your Mom.
It will not cost you anything to have the evaluation.
In general as long as there is a continued decline and a doctor feels that the person is Hospice eligible. There will be ongoing evaluations to determine if the person is declining enough to remain on hospice. There are many things that can qualify as a a decline.
Just call it will be well worth the phone call.
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Igloo as usual gave some really good information about hospice, Medicare and Medicaid on another thread. With regards to neuro, if it's not palliative then pretty sure a neuro would have to be recommended by hospice team to be covered by hospice. Doc or Agency of Aging would be good start for hospice evaluation.
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