My father's condition is declining rapidly. I believe his body may have already started shutting down systematically, digestive being the first. He falls asleep at the drop of hat! He feel asleep yesterday twice; once at the senior center while eating ice cream and then again at the kitchen table while eating some soup just after getting home at 2:15. Once he awoke, I told him to go upstairs and lay down. He awoke at 6:30, at dinner, took his meds and went back to sleep until this morning when he heard a voice in his head yelling for him to wake up. Yes, he hears voices too.
He's been complaining of a back ache, about where his kidneys are and there is the distinct possibly that he could be going back into kidney failure.
This poor man has had so much happen to him in the past 1 1/2 years that he doesn't need to go through anything more. He's tired, has no life left in him and because of his mixed dementia also getting worse, he has butted heads with the leader of the senior center. She doesn't put up with much and he may be asked to leave soon.
He was happier when he was in the health and rehab center, but seeing that he probably has a year or less left, I'd rather see him have some quality of life and quantity.

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Thank you so much for your response. He may be headed there very soon and I just needed to know.
Hugs and prayers,
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My heart goes out to you and your poor father. Yes, hospice will go wherever they are needed. Call them sooner rather than later to get things going. They need to assess him and they decide if his symptoms qualify him for hospice.

My mother was living in nursing home and had hospice twice. Last year and then this past summer when she passed away. It's important if things start happening fast to keep him comfortable. My mother was in the hospital and I was in touch with the hospice people while she was there and then when she returned to the nursing home. She rapidly declined and I was relieved that hospice was already on board when this happened.

Hugs to you across the miles. Blessings and take care.
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