My 96-yr old mother is on Hospice in a residential care facility (6 residents) suffering from colon cancer and general frailty. She's bedbound and incontinent in every way. She's still mentally alert and can eat on her own. But over the past few months she's started complaining a lot about the food at the facility--it's always cold, it's no good, she doesn't get enough, etc. She's also complaining about the staff and thinks she hears the staff fighting at times. While I believed her complaints at first, I now don't. I know the staff well after 8 months of her being there and I feel the food she's getting is adequate. As for fighting, I learned today that 2 family members of another resident were having a heated discussion the other day and that is what mother overheard. So, my question is what can hospice do for anxiety in a patient? I know they are supposed to deal with pain, which my mother claims she doesn't have, but I'm thinking she needs to be given something for her mood. The last thing I need is for her to become a problem resident because she cannot come live with me.

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Flyer is right. Talk to the hospice team. They deal with these issues all the time. All the best to you......
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Thanks for the advice, freqflyer. I will speak with mother's hospice nurse.
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Sorry to read that your Mom is on Hospice, so is my Mom who is 98. Ask Hospice if they can add some anxiety medicine for your Mom, as Hospice's goal is to keep the patient comfortable meaning pain free and without anxiety. It can be a balancing act trying to get the right dosage... don't want to totally zone out your Mom, yet keep her alert as much possible.
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