My 95 year old mother was diagnosed with dementia this fall. Her memory is mostly ok, but judgment and decision-making are poor. She moved to an assisted living memory care unit in September. She recently had a bout with bronchitis that flared her COPD. This was two weeks ago. She has been very weak with rapid, shallow breathing since. She was hospitalized for a few days last week. I have a meeting today with her PA, charge nurse, and my mother. They are going to recommend hospice. All other vitals and bloodwork are good. I understand that she needs care right now beyond what they normally offer in this facility, but concerned about whether this is the best thing and about her possibly having to be moved again, as she still wasn't adjusted to the first move. Thoughts?

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Hi Mars56
I was a Hospice nurse early in my career, I found it to be a great help to patients and families. My philosophy is that everyone over 90 could benefit from Hospice/palliative care, even more so with COPD. Hopefully, hospice care can be brought into where she is now. The purpose is not to hasten her death it is to maximize her comfort and health in the time she has, whether it is days, months or a year!
Best of luck,
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"She has been very weak with rapid, shallow breathing since."
Even if her other vitals and blood work are good, COPD is a serious and progressively debilitating disease. They must not be expecting her to recover much, if at all.
If I had the questions you have, I would want a second opinion regarding her prognosis.
I second what eyerish has asked as hospice can be done anywhere.
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Your mom wouldn't necessarily need to move to be admitted to hospice. Hospice can be done in the home. Does the assisted living facility not allow hospice?
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