Tuesday we had a visit with the Neurologist. Doc confirmed my suspicion that mom has had a pretty significant decline in the last 6 months. She needs assistance with everything. She can feed herself, after she has been served, but I am beginning to notice the fork going into the glass of water more often! She has these random seizures (supposedly Mioclonic seizures) that seems to be happening everyday, several times. Although Doc says they do no damage to the brain, I think they are. In any case, I asked the doctor if he thought Hospice Care would be appropriate or even available for my mom, to my surprise he said he thought it would be the best course of action at this time.

So, if anyone has had experience with Hospice for Alzheimer's let me know. What should I look for and what questions should I ask? I live in South Florida and there are basically 3 Hospice organizations in our are; Vitas, Catholic Hospice and Hospice Care of South Florida. I anyone has any experience with any of these groups please enlighten me.......

A bit of history; My mom has lived with me the last 3 years. I am the primary caretaker with 4 brothers that I squeeze what I can out of them. She was my best friend. Presently I have a CNA that helps me approximately 25 hours a week but mom will not let anyone bathe her other than me. Bottom line, she is fading away relatively quietly. She is a healthy woman that only takes 1 pill, every so often for her seizures and that is it. She hates going to the doctor and will deny if she is not feeling well or has a any kind of pain (has alway done that) that is a big issue!!
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Hospice can absolutely help with this. Since you have a choice of three of them, my first advice is to see which is non-profit rather than for profit. I'm not saying all for profit hospice organizations are bad, but the hospice in my community is non- profit and they are incredible. Next, I'd ask if for references. Many people who are grateful to hospice are willing to talk about their experiences. Unfortunately, privacy laws may prevent them from giving out names, but they may be able to contact people that have used their care and ask them to contact you.
The hospice that has been around the longest may be the best bet if you have nothing else to go by. Most hospice organizations employ amazing people who give compassionate comfort care. However, I can't speak for them all, by any means, so checking them out is a good idea. Your mom's doctor may even have a suggestion or preference.
Take care and know that you are doing the best for your mom,
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We used Hospice with Ruth, and I was so releived when they came. so loving and caring, will answer any question you ask, can call them anytime day or night for any reason, and they are there for the family as well....the one we used also provided grief counseling for a year after Ruth died... As Carol said, we used a non-profit, I live in Texas, and there was only one for our area, but many people made donations in lieu of flowers, partly because we had nothing but wonderful things to say about them... let us know what you find out and what you decide... you will be amazed at the relief you feel knowing she is in such loving and caring hands.... hugs to you....
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