Does Hospice offer full time day care for palliative in home assistance?


My FIL's health is declining and it is getting increasingly difficult to help him physically. My in-laws have around the clock caregivers but I'm beginning to think he needs more assistance than what they can offer. Would Hospice be able to offer more help than what they are currently getting from the caregivers? My guess is that he may soon need to be placed in an ALF. I know my MIL will do everything to keep him home but his safety and that of the caregivers is at risk. Has anybody been through something similar to this?

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Hospice can only help if your father-in-law's condition is considered terminal within six months. If that's the case, they would work with whatever living situation he is in. If he's at home, they would work with the in-home caregivers. If he's in assisted living or a nursing home, then they would work along with the caregivers there.
If he's not considered terminal, then you'll have to look elsewhere for help. Generally, you can hire an in-home care agency to help fill-in if he goes to assisted living, though it sounds like he may be ready for a nursing home.
Good luck. You have a challenging situation.
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Thanks for your input. My FIL is 101 and I can see where he will either need to be in an ALF or some other type of care being needed at home. They do have 24 hour caregiving, but his needs seem to be exceeding their capabilities - safety issues for both the caregivers and my FIL. It's really a hard decision to make as to "when" is the time for a move.
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