Hospice is coming today to evaluate my 94 yo Mom after her GP ordered them. Now she's doing better (eating) can you tell me why?


Mom has dementia, she lost 20 pounds last month and all she wanted to do was sleep. Her Dr has Hospice coming and wanted a feeding tube put in, but Mom says no, I will eat. She has done so much better eating some and talking her head off all morning yesterday. very coherent. She has had a problem with getting dizzy wanting to throw up, white face, sweating and then can't walk so get her transporter wheelchair and get her out of the bathroom. This has happened 3 times this week. My sister and Brother forgot to mention this to her DR. Now she can't sleep, woke me last night asking why people were walking around the house and hears a radio. Has anyone gone through this and does this mean she is getting at the end and rallying for awhile?

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It sounds to me like she is rallying. That is very common. People often are so heartened by such a rally that can come near death that they think their loved one is on the road to recovery, only to find them near death a day later.

I'd be surprised if hospice uses a feeding tube. They rarely use any life prolonging measures as the reason they exist is to help people who are dying live their last weeks or days more comfortably, but they don't prolong the process.

Many of us have been through similar situations as yours, so we can join with you in spirit. This is tough for you, but your mother will eventually pass quietly and finally find peace. Blessings,
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What Carol said is all true. My mother-in-law did exactly the same thing (eating & drinking better/mobility) when she was placed on hospice - and she wasn't even told she was. It's very sad to watch but know you're not alone. A lot of us have been there and are here to talk if you need an ear.
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