I want to try and find really good private caregivers and hear their stories. I don't know where they typically meet or what sites they're on. My goal is to find some sort of a bridge from them to home health agencies so we can help both sides. Right now I see the competition taking away from both sides more that it's helping the end user/care recipient. If anyone has ideas on where I can find them or would like to chat - respond back. Thanks and stay safe!

I use an agency and have a very hard time filling the 70 hours a week that the insurance co is willing to pay for to keep her out of a SNF. The first 42 hours are some what easier but the rest are only 2 to 4 hour shifts.
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So you are promoting your app here. Do you do criminal background checks on the people you wish to deploy into the private homes of vulnerable people? Do you check their references? Because if not, I wouldn't touch what you offer with a long pole.

Yes, there is a labor shortage right now with the added challenge of a rapidly aging baby boom population bubble. You may want to advertise your enterprise at nursing schools and aim for soon-to-graduate students. There are currently tons of people going into nursing. A young friend of our family is dating a recently graduated nurse. She is currently an overnight caregiver for a family. She eventually wants to be hired as a nurse in a hospital or clinic but caregiving is a natural segue which uses her freshly learned skills and helps her resume.
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I agree with GMa1954. I have hired for my SNF and AL and I have hired for several elderly relatives. Thirty minute placement even an emergency is not realistic. Currently I am trying find a caregiver for my husband. Need is not immediate so I have time to look.

The most difficult aspect is pay. Good caregivers are not cheap.
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Just wondering Who or What are you in the chain here?
I was caregiver for my Husband for many years and going back 8 to 10 years finding "qualified" caregivers has been a problem.
My definition of qualified might be different than someone else.
My Husbands decline would change the "qualified" to unqualified seemingly overnight.
So qualified is a term that is fluid.
One of the reasons a good agency will review on a routine basis what needs the patient as well as what the family needs are. And if someone has hired privately they need to be aware that the person they hired 6 months ago may not be right for the job now. This should be a discussion that the employer has with the employee.

Just read your profile.
I really do not think it is possible to team up a caregiver with a person needing care in 30 minutes. I "interviewed" the people that I hired for more than 30 minutes when I was hiring privately and when I was going through an agency the manager was here longer than 30 minutes doing a needs assessment.
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