Is home health care a viable option?


As I write this, hubby is in the hospital being treated for a severe downturn in his mobility. When I visit tomorrow, I plan to insist that he has an MRI and whatever other tests he needs. I am not seeking a magical cure for his issues nor a magic pill. At the point he is now, I cannot take care of him. He cannot stand on his own so I am unable to clean and bathe him. Neither he nor I are ready for him to go into a nursing home. It would be mentally and emotionally disastrous for him. My mom was in a skilled facility for 3 years and from what I observed of the residents there, my husband is not ready. I am interested in exploring the possibility of home healthcare for him. Someone to help me bathe him and perhaps a visiting nurse to monitor his progress. A physical therapist would be great too, with a wish to restore at least some of his mobility. Is this a pipe dream? It would be much easier to just sign him up for a facility, but would be emotionally and financially devastating for us.

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Thank you, 97yroldmom. You answered my questions. I am taking it one step at a time. Hubby does desperately need an MRI. The results of this test could provide some sort of diagnoses and direction for therapy. I understand that's it's crucial for him to go to rehab for as long as possible to build up strength and get back to at least being able to stand long enough for me to clean him and his chair/bed. I have often said to friends and family that I am not looking for a magic cure. I am well aware that placing him in a facility would make my life easier but definitely not happier, for him or me. I am going to rely on the hospital to help me make the right decision for both of us. From experience with my late mom and prior experience with my husband, I know that the resources are there to tap into for help. Thank you again! ❤
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My mother and my aunt had/ have home health. The dr ordrs it. Home health comes once a week to set up medication , take vitals, weigh the patient etcetera. If there is a wound to be dressed they will come more often. An aid can come in as well to bath the patient. Home health can have a therapist come in to evaluate what therapy could be added. This is paid for by Medicare. BUT you should encourage him to go to rehab first before coming home. Rehab will give him a better chance of recovery. He will get stronger quicker in rehab. He will get more therapy. Once he has completed the 20 days in rehab he can have the home health and extend his recovery. Don't skip rehab. It's not the same as skilled nursing which you say he is not ready for. Let us know how he does.
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Hugemom, gosh sorry to read that hubby's mobility is slipping away.

When my Dad was living on his own after my Mom passed, I brought in day time Caregivers to help Dad.   Dad was an inventor but he couldn't figure out how to build himself a sandwich.   Oh dear.  Now mind you, this was costly at $30/hour because the caregivers were from a licensed, bonded, insured Agency.  

Now for your hubby, you could start out with a professional Bath Aide.   You would need to call the Agencies or call Agency on Aging to see if they have a list.   The Aide would only be there to help bathe hubby.   Now, with hubby being immobile, the Agency could send someone who is experienced with such a case.

With Doctor's orders, I believe Medicare could bring in a nurse to take vitals and someone for physical therapy, but I don't know how many weeks he would be allowed.

Hope everything works out.
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