Any advice on independent in home health care for 72 year old mother addicted to prescription drugs?


My mother is 72 years old and addicted to prescription drugs. She has been in 2 rehabs and will refuse to go again. She does not want to live any more and is depressed. She just lost her grandson (my nephew) to drugs and this is causing her to over medicate even more. I live out of state and it is too hard on my sisters to care for her. I am looking for an in home health care service to help manage her medications and look after her before putting her in assisted living. In addition, I need help in talking with her about this to get her to agree. Is there any one you suggest I can call or talk with ? I have spoken with her pain management dr and he told me how concerned they are yet they still wrote her for the next refill available for pick up today because she ran out. Please help.

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There are geriatric care managers in many communities who could take this over, though they can be expensive.

You could check with the Area Agency on Aging for your mother's area or her state website - type "aging" in the search box with the state's name and you should find many helpful links. Start asking for help from these agencies and someone should be able to assist you in finding help for her.
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