My mother in law receives a surviving spouse VA Benefit for her home health care. Her son, my husband, is thinking about stopping those services because of the uptick in COVID cases, although I have explained to him that we need to think about the long term for his mom and having home health care is much safer than a nursing home during this time. We just disagree on this right now. I am afraid of losing her VA Benefits for one. And second, she DOES need the help and if she wants to remain independent this seems like the best option as far as I can tell. Any ideas on this? Others going through similar problems/issues? Thanks!

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Perhaps you can contact the VA and ask what happens if the VA homecare is stopped. Can it be restarted or does a new application need to be done? If you MIL needs the help, what is hubby's plan to fill that need once the VA homecare is stopped? If he going to provide the homecare or is his expectation that you will fill that role? Is that something you could do or want to do? If you MIL is satisfied and, more importantly, comfortable with the homecare she is getting, I'd vote for leaving the situation as is. Perhaps talking to the homecare providers to reinforce wearing masks, handwashing, getting tested, etc., might reassure hubby that the current situation is best for his Mom.
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