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The truth is’ you probably can’t. Home health aides require a certain amount of time to get paid. You would have to tack something else on there that the aide could do. A bath? Something. They won’t send someone out just for that. Sorry. I’m in the same situation.
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Ahmijoy Sep 2018
I was just rereading your post. Have you ever considered a Hoyer lift? We have one. You fit a sling around the person and in our case, I have to pump up the lift, but they make ones with an electric motor. Then the arm swings, you position the person and let the lift down. You can see them in action on YouTube.

I would hesitate to have anyone untrained do the lifting. It could cause injury to either them or your husband. Health care workers take classes to learn how to safely lift patients.
A neighbour - perhaps a strong teenager - might do it for pocket money rather than a 2 hour call-out.
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I would think Hospice would provide this service if your husband is enrolled.

Try calling local EMT and Fire Houses and ask if they have any members or retired members living out your way that might help.
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