Home care does not permit the caregivers to talk between themselves, and worse yet is that they are refusing to take my cell number and place it in their phone for emergencies - I am not about to call them but I need updates or to be contacted for emergencies as I am the POA and the only one who has all meds and medical history. Doctors won’t talk to anyone else w/o POA. They claimed my cell number was in a folder in the home but my number was wrong-this just came up as the first two always let me know when I was needed and one example my dad was very sick so I was texted that maybe I should get him to hospital-I did immediately and Drs said he was critical; no platelets and could have started bleeding internally was then dx with leukemia. Both parents live at home my mom with advanced dementia and my dad with increasing cognitive problem/leukemia & mobility issues... my brother on disability dx with bipolar disorder so I have 3 to look after.....I do all driving to appts, weekly platelet transfusions, all financials, Bill paying, taxes, majority of grocery shopping, buy clothing and try to get home care off their butt to do girl brought her own blanket and slept while my mom wandered outside-she was kicked out!, Then get this because the “best caregiver” texted an talked to me (we were kinda friends) but only spoke of her kids, my horses, Florida an I gave her advise Re her child support just to help her; she got in trouble with home care owner and removed from my parents house.....but now the new caregiver won’t take my number claims it’s a violation of HIPPA to talk to me which is dead wrong and has to call the owner before she can act somehow in an emergency....I am in total control of home care and am there about every other day but if a parent falls outside then I need to be called from OUTSIDE and I will make all further decisions Re ambulance what hospital etc and there are reasons for this due to past problems such as caregivers deferring to brother after my mom took a bad fall injuries to head and she is on blood thinners and by time I got wind of it from my dad Who is in NO condition to be - I rushed her to ER for a MRI an of course they kept her ONE night for the 2nd MRI.....the home plan was working ok for now with the two really good caregivers who had experience but now those two are not allowed to “update” or inform the new caregiver of even the medical problems....this just happened yesterday so I am firing the loser company if they can’t be bothered to take my cell and call me with questions etc an Re falls & brother tries but he shouldn’t even be in this position-I’ve talked to owner of company and feel we have a good relationship but it was the new caregiver who told me these new rules.... I am in good standing in this county an have had paramedics call me because they know me and caregiver didn’t call me so this issue is not about me whatsoever-have even offered to reimburse cell phone calls etc just so I can get a break from there as this situation is killing me seriously an you can’t even hire at any cost people who can do their job it seems -I can’t keep doing all this so wondering if anyone else has had these crazy problems with home care ? Thank you very much— and private home care is running about 5 grand a month an they don’t cook, or do light housekeeping or do any activities or take my mom for hair cuts or buy food items or throw in laundry etc......what ARE they supposed to do as all that was in contract,,,,,,it’s a joke so I guess I know what you guys will say “what is wrong with you for keeping them?” And you will be right :) guess I’ve never dealt with home care and just had hoped it would get better as it was in beginning before those caregivers talked to me :) and somehow the owner found out, wondered if the phones are bugged :) just kidding as that’s a crime So will have to check out new companies and their “rules” what a nightmare I don’t need and just too crazy -I know their time to remain at home is limited but it should be able to be handled with good help a bit longer......thanks

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