My Dad's home care company keeps messing up (meds messed up, I caught 2 caregivers asleep). Is this common?


Dad has dementia, he is on 24/7 care at home. Also, I'm not convinced that all of his caregivers have experience with dementia. their supervisor told me she got a complain from a caregiver about his behavior(screaming). For those of us who deal with dementia, we know that they do this at least every so often. In addition to the above mess ups, only one of the caregivers I caught sleeping was terminated. Also, I find that the supervisor is hard to get in contact with, unless she wants to talk with me about something. I'm really thinking of switching agencies, although he is getting a good price. Is this kind of scenario common with the home-health care companies? Thanks!

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Thank you! To answer pamstegma's question, they forgot to give him the meds. As far as I know, he wasn't screaming about the meds. It was about something else.

To txcamper, I hear that! There were two sleeping caregivers. One was overnight, the other was during the day. There is a problem with them sleeping if Dad is also sleeping, he's supposed to be monitored. The day time caregiver was terminated, but the night one wasn't. Yikes!

You're right. What reallyconcerned me was when I called her about the messed up meds, I couldn't find her. I had to call her boss the next day, to get her to call me. She claimed that she'd tried to call me, I find that hard to believe. Thank you again!
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I guess you get what you pay for in health care just as in every other aspect of life, huh.

Was the sleeping caregiver an overnight employee? Was there a problem with them sleeping if Dad was also sleeping? I've not had round the clock caregivers so I can't comment regarding that, but aides generally are just like companions with a little housework thrown in. They can't do anything medical as a rule. They can say here's your medicine and your water, but they can't force it.

If he needs a higher level of care, I'd look into a facility.

The supervisor should return your calls in a timely manner. However, she is human and if every call from you is a complaint, it will reflect in her attitude.
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Why were the meds messed up? Was he screaming and refusing dosage? Aides just watch them take the meds, they cannot force them to take them. On the other hand if they were forgotten to be given, that's a serious issue.
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