What Home Alert System is the best for elders who live home alone?

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Anyone have advice on which alert system (such as medicalert, lifeline, etc.) to use for my mom who lives at home. There are many services that respond to elderly customer pressing a button on a pendant or bracelet if they're in need of help. But, I don't know which ones are prompt and reliable. Thank you.

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Lifeline is a leader. They've been in business for decades. Monitronics is a reliable one, also.

We have Lifeline. Did you know that you can get a dedicated line just for the alert so that it is not on your home's phone number? And it is free! This is great because where we live, if you are talking on the phone, the lifeline doesn't work if the phone is busy. Of course, I have yet to do it, but it is on my list. Check your phone company and see if you have this service. All I needed was a note from the doctor saying that the lifeline was essential to mom's safety.
My friend has life line but has never had to use it yet. I looked on their website and they have a offer for free activation until April 30, 2009. You would hope you can't go wrong on either. Good Luck !
In the Fairfax County area of No. VA. the sheriff's office administers a program called project lifesaver. It is a radio beacon that they can track up to 2 mi. if your loved one runs away. It is like a watch that is attached to their wrist. I don't know if this is right for your situation. I is a lifesaver for those who have Alzheimer's. Jerome.

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