Is any way to hold a social worker accountable at a previous facility that she worked at with your mother and is blocking her from getting into any other facility? This is considered retaliation.

Your mom was hospitalized and rehab was recommended. Medicare only pays 100% for 20 days, 50% for the next 80 if the person is progressing or its felt more therapy is needed. The therapist reports to Medicare. Medicare determines if a person has hit their plateau. If no more can be done for Mom, then rehab stops and the person is discharged to home. 100 days is not a guarantee. And that 50% Medicare doesn't pay, may be picked up by the secondary insurance may not. If not, then Mom will have to pay the 50% out of pocket. At approx $150 a day, that mounts up. So Mom either comes to your house or she transfers to a SNF and that can cost 10k a month unless she fits the Medicaid criteria. Which, with Dad selling the house she probably won't.

The SW I don't think has anything to do with who gets admitted or who doesn't. That is not their job. There is a dept for Admissions. Thats who I worked with. I did not see a SW to much later on and that was a conversation on changing rooms.

NHs profit is based on keeping beds full. Yes, last week they may have had a bed, this week, sorry its been taken. I was up for a job that filling the beds would have been one of my jobs. When one came empty I was suppose to call every hospital in the area telling their discharge person that a bed was available. An empty bed cost money the rehab/NH money.

Are you transferring Mom for rehab? Rehabs need to have a bed to except Mom. Maybe the therapist has called the present NH and found that therapy will no longer help Mom that's why she is being turned away. Medicare will no longer pay. Or are u trying to get her LTC.
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I doubt we on forum can help you with this question. You may want to consult and elder care attorney.
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You not understanding how the system works does not equate a social worker conspiring to keep your mom out of another place.
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What specific proof do you have that this SW blocked and continues to block your mother from getting into other facilities?   And what is she retaliating against? 

I'm thinking you'd have to have documentation from other facilities proving that this SW is engaged in blocking activity, which infers that these other facilities would have such documentation.  Have you seen that kind of proof? 

I rather doubt that other agencies would surrender it voluntarily, so it might have to be subpoenaed, for which you'd be well advised to hire an attorney so that it's done properly.

And what would be her reasons for interfering with your mother's access to other facilities?  I suspect there's a lot of information that needs to be shared to properly evaluate this situation.

From your profile:

"I have reposted this to the state now the nursing home is trying to push us out saying that they can no longer rehab her and we have to pay out of pocket. The social work knows me and my mom and has left that facility you're the one that I want to transfer my mother to. They had room when I spoke to them last and all the sudden now they don't have any room for her and they have also blocked me from moving her to a different facility outside of that."

What is the state doing?  And how is the NH trying to "push" you out?   If your mother isn't able to benefit from rehab, in my experience a facility will state that and recommend that the family seek help in other ways.    They are reimbursed by Medicare and have to report progress, and can't do so if progress can't be achieved.  So if  a person remains in rehab after that, the family does have to pay out of pocket since Medicare won't pay if the patient is unable to progress.

I'm not clear about what this means:

"The social work knows me and my mom and has left that facility you're the one that I want to transfer my mother to."  

"they have also blocked me from moving her to a different facility outside of that."

You can supercede the "blocking" by advising that you're removing your mother AMA.    How specifically are they "blocking"  you?
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