When my mom was in an orthopedic rehab the staff would report to my sister every time I would walk downtown to go shopping the nurses going into work would call on their smart phones and androids and report me to my sister aka pain in the butt thorn in my side POA. They would say that I was walking against the light when I was waiting for the stick figure to light up so I could walk across the street. You see the doctors misdiagnosed me with bipolar disorder a long time ago and will not own up to it. I have a pituitary gland tumor because it showed up in my blood work that my prolactin level was very high. I am in my right mind I do know how to take care of myself. The nurses and the CNAs just thought to make themselves look big that they would lie to my sister. They even put her cell phone number into their phones. I am now afraid to go out of the house because of what other lies they may tell someone about me.

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The nurses have to do things a certain way to follow the rules.
You can't expect them to not follow the rules of the place they work.
I can promise you they do NOT get make the rules.

I agree with Pam. Talk to your doctor about what you are seeing, believing, and worried about because only the doctor can help you out right now.
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Please call your MD and explain your phobia to the doctor. You may need an adjustment in your medications.
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