Also pretty much homebound and bored.

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Are there things he liked to do in the past, that could be scaled down for him? For example my mother was an expert at cross-word puzzles, doing large complicated ones. After she got dementia she still did cw puzzles, but the large-print easy versions.

If he used to like to garden, maybe tending a few indoor plants would please him. Think of things he used to like, and consider how they might be modified for his present level of skills.

Is there someone with him who could engage in activities with him? That opens up a lot more possibilities. My husband's PCA did jig-saw puzzles with him. He could turn all the pieces up and find the border pieces and then he mostly watched her continue. She talked to him while they sat together and he liked it. Doing a jigsaw puzzle would have been way too frustrating for him to do alone.

My mother loved to sort things and match items. I'd bring a big basket of clean socks to the nursing home and she'd get busy matching the pairs. I'd also occasionally dump all my coins out and she'd sort them. These activities appealed to her, and she also felt good that she was "helping" me.
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Try doing a search "Activities for Dementia"
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