I was hired by my aunt's family as her round-the-clock caregiver and worked 13 months-plus, but they haven't paid me. What can I do?


The family members who hired me to care for my aunt are now evicting me. I WANT to leave, but I am owed more than $50,000 -- most of that in wages, but a little for still unreimbursed expenditures of my own for her bills and expenses. That was part of my job too, and then I did a lot of paperwork and scanning, etc., to get reimbursed. I did the paperwork for her disabled son as well when he helped pay his and his mother's expenses, as he can't use computers. I sacrificed 13 months of my life and lost more than I care to think about during those times, and I was living in a one-room apartment adjoining her house so provided round-the-clock care for both her and her disabled son -- and dealt with much hostility and a vicious son who accosted me and broke in to my apartment and did a whole lot else requiring police intervention at times, but I don't have the spirit to write any of that again here. Anyway, I'm sorry this sounds so disjointed and lacks more specifics, but I couldn't submit the 4,998 characters I tried sending here when I discovered your website. Thank you for being here, though. I'll try submitting this now ...

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Darn. It looks like the maximum you can sue for in small claims court in Utah is $10,000. In that case I suggest consulting a lawyer.
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Oh my. What a mess!

I think that the answer is small claims court, if that amount is within the limits where you are. Apply for a court date. Gather up all the documents, receipts, and paperwork you have related to this situation.

Leave. Follow the deadlines of the eviction notice. Start building a new life. And try to go through the judicial process to get the money owed you.

Out of curiosity, why did you put up with non-payment for 13 months?
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