Has anyone hired a caregiver CHHA or CNA that was not with an agency?


I can not continue to pay $25/hr to have 12 hours of help for my mom. It has literally has diminished my savings. There is an online site that has experienced caregivers wanting $10 to $15/hr but they do not have insurance, or in NJ if you do not work with an agency you no longer have a valid license for CHHA or CNA. I am very concerned about hiring someone without any type of protection in case they hurt my mother in some way or hurt themselves in my home or steal from my home. I am bringing my mother to live at my home for a while, I can not continue to take care of her home and mine as well. Any suggestions?

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Thank you all for your wonderful answers. I just had her deed transferred to my name after consultations with many elder care attorneys. I will take out a home equity loan on her home and keep the caregivers that are with agencies. I am waiting for a room at the VA home in NJ for her, she is not entitled to any Medicaid. I was able to get her the VA aid and attendance but the cost of these HHA agencies are horrible. Absolutely no help at all from any church groups, department of the aging, state government. What are our elderly to do when sickness happens. It is very sad.
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I do private hire on caregivers.....I guess I never really thought about the ramifications of injuries..... I do thorough checks and talk to past clients and references and I have the person work with my mother while I am home (Ma lives in my house) until I am comfortable enough with their care for me to leave while they are there. I guess I thought it wasn't much different from hiring a babysitter? In terms of legal issues etc. But.....I never got legal advice. (I live in NY).
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Have you looked at adult daycare. It is much more affordable. Then you could have a caregiver just a few times a week for a few hours so you could have some added relief.
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Nan, you do run the risk of liability if the caregiver is injured. When I inquired about hiring someone to do cleaning, and who wanted to be paid as an employee with deductions taken, I contacted my insurance agent who advised that I could not add workers' comp or liability coverage for a paid worker. It wasn't a homeowner's policy issue; it was a commercial issue.

I would have had to have a commercial workers' comp policy at a cost of $750 - $1000 per year.

I believe it might be different in different states though.

Otherwise, you do run the risk of the caregiver being injured while on your property, and facing the ramifications of that. On the other hand, I know of people who've hired private, uninsured caregivers and never had a problem.

The other issue is one of validation and background check. Agencies generally run local, and/or state, and sometimes federal background checks. I don't know if an individual can run a background check on a potential caregiver.

Then there's the issue of whether or not you'll pay this person as an independent contractor, or take deductions and have to file with your state and the IRS.

It's really a difficult dilemma. I wish I had a better answer for you, but hiring uninsured private duty is a gamble.

Can you or your loved one qualify for Medicaid? I'm not conversant on it but believe that it might have some home care help. Others with more Medicaid knowledge than mine might offer better suggestions.
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Dear nanrap007,

I'm very sorry to hear about the emotional and financial strain. I know the costs of hiring private care is a lot. Have you considered moving your mom into assisted living or a nursing home? Selling your mom's house to finance this change?

I know its not an easy decision. I have the same concerns as you about hiring a private caregiver to come into the home. I know some people take the risks and it works out great but there have also been horror stories.

I hope others can provide more insight.
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