I'm not sure about his current living conditions and he does not really want us to visit. I have heard that he was in a "condemned" trailer and is now living in a hotel (or hotels). Is it possible for me to hire someone (care manager) to seek him out; evaluate him; and let me know what steps should be taken to get him to a more secure place to live. I am worried about his overall well-being.

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Xx, how old is he? Does he have any medical concerns that you are aware of? If he is viewed competent by APS and refuses their help, there is nothing that you would be able to do unless you can persuade him to seek out the necessary resources. That is where a care manager may be able to help often they are social workers and know what is available and how to get him qualified. But let police or APS find him first. How far away do you live? Maybe you should pay him a surprise visit.

APS - Adult Protective Services a division of Social Services.
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You don't need to hire someone; you can contact APS to intervene if necessary. The local police might also check out the situation.

I take it that he's not in touch with you regularly? Are there any other relatives with whom he does keep in touch?
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