Mom hired two private caregivers, I need to know hire someone for payroll. I'm overwhelmed. Please help.


I need to know how to hire someone to do payroll, and in Ca I need to have workmans comp insurance... I cannot do this, I am way to overwhelmed right now, I live in Seattle, I already take care of her bills and make all of her appointments,,, I don't want to be responsible to do her payroll also,,, I am feeling very overwhelmed at the moment, she comes home on the 27ht of this month....

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Is Mom determined to have these two particular caregivers? if she isn't approach an agency and they will do the time monitoring , ins and workmens comp etc. Also if someone calls in sick they will have other people to send. The tax forms figuring deductions etc can be quite daunting but it can be learned if you hire an accountant to do all this or at least teach you it will be much easier. You will need to apply for an EIN (Employer Identification Number) workmans comp and disability Insurance are mandatory. Also make sure your homeowners insurance is adequate too. You can save yourself all these headaches by using an agency so look into that. it may cost more on an hourly basis but well worth it An agency will also do all the background checks and drug testing for you
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Is it time to hire a care manager? I have no experience with this, but I've read it may be a good solution when the family is all out-of-state.
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I would suggest you give a call to a local insurance agent, (like State Farm?) and explain what you need (WC ins for 2 privately hired caregivers?). I would say look it up online, because you need an agent that is licensed in CA.

Regarding the payroll, does your Mom have LTC insurance? If so, many LTC policies have a Home Health Care benefit with a maximum per day for assistance at home. Your Mom would pay the help, and then turn in time sheets completed and signed by the caregivers and herself, and subsequently be reimbursed by the ins co., and can even have the reimbursement direct-deposited to her bank account. Inside every LTC policy, there is a form to use for initiating benefits, and the customer service # for assistance to walk you through the process.

You could also hire a local payroll service if she is paying out of pocket with no LTC coverage. The only thing I am not certain of is who would monitor the caregivers time sheets for accuracy. If Mom can't do it, then maybe hire someone to do the administrative/bookeeping tasks for her once a week.

Good luck, and I look forward to hearing how you actually worked it out. Lots of us could benefit form your experience.

Once upon a time, I did part-time administrative tasks for elders (before caregiver and administrative duties for my own elders became the priorities). Maybe you can find someone trustworthy with a secretarial/bookeeping background to handle this task for you.
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