Can I hire a POA to take care of all my financial matters and what is the average cost in Tennessee?


I need someone to take care of paying my bills and all other financial matters and to take me to the dr and other errands. I have a long time trusted friend who has financial experience and who I would give POA. What would be a resonable fee to pay this indiivual? I am currently paying a CPA an enormous fee. This is for state of Tennessee.

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Usually the fee is 10% of the Estate for an Executor. CPA's bill by the hour.
So do lawyers appointed as Guardians $200-400 per hour.
Chauffeurs get $30 per hour, some also get mileage.
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Well, congratulations!! You are one of the few, the proud, the Marines. ;)

Speaking as someone who has the powers of attorney for several people...the only one paying me is my mom . . . and THAT money, if she goes on Medicaid, would have to be returned . . . to do it RIGHT is a big responsibility, and a lot of work.

What you want is a win-win with your friend. It's very difficult to pull a number out off a hat, because it depends upon your friend's circumstances. Why not an hourly rate of $15 or $20 an hour? Most anyone would be thrilled with that. I can guarantee you that a professional would be four times that.
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