Someone who actually lives in their home, to help. Thank you

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Good question. When I need to hire privately (there not many agencies in the town we just moved to) I try to make a connection to someone in the community who would have access to good information. (I find the local "offices on aging" to be of little help...they just send you lists of caregivers and you have to wade through them.) I have never done an ad or online post...others in this forum have.
I asked a colleague who had been a caregiver to her mother. She recommended a hospice nurse who recommended one of my current caregivers. The other is a friend of a friend. I try to rely on "word of mouth" to find new caregivers. But you still need to do a background check, check references, etc. I also have a good sense of their character when I interview them.
Have ready, for any caregiver, a list of duties and questions so that when you interview there are no misunderstandings about what is required. I especially ask about personal care; ie bathing. (Some caregivers will just get them in the tub and they are on their own.)
I also heard that calling the head administrator at a good asst. living center or NH and asking if they have staff members who are looking for extra hours is a good way of finding someone. Haven't tried that yet.
On the east coast, I paid 19./hr for the agency caregivers. I pay 15./hr privately. Of course, it also depends on experience.
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THANK YOU. Visiting Angels is a great lead, and your advise is sound. If I was to move down the private path, is their an "add" or a wording, or a web site people use to "get connected"? Where to find a private person to live in the house, is the next step. I am getting into Visiting Angels information now. Thanks
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There are two routes: agency and private. If you use a reputable agency they will screen, hire and manage for you. I used Visiting Angels and they were great.
If you hire privately you will have to do all the screening, pay the taxes, and figure out liablity ins. etc. I have had good luck with private hire, too.
Also, secure your parents home by removing valuables and important papers and other private information.
Give the caregivers a list of duties with the everyday or important activities listed first. Ask them if there is anything they don't like or are not qualified to do
I would hire a team of two caregivers (ie day shift/night shift) so, that in case one has an emergency, you have a back up.
Are you living nearby? It is always good to drop in unnannounced once and a while. If not, you can install a home cam that monitors digitally.
Bottom line, if you feel uncomfortable with a paid caregiver or they are getting too involved and interfering in your parent's personal life, replace them.
good luck
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