My husband has PD & Dementia, how could I attach bells to him at night?

Asked by that I can hear him when he gets out of bed? (PS I have tried using a baby monitor but that does not help). Also, to caregivers, I'd like to stress the importance of using music from their younger days, to help calm the patient. They often sing along & it makes them happy.

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Dad too had PD with dementia, and when he lived with me, I used a baby monitor. It certainly worked well, but I didn't get much sleep. I suppose you could try stringing some bells thru a ribbon and using a safety pin to attach that to his clothes. That wouldn't have awakened me from his room, though. For awhile, Dad had a bell that he could ring (the kind with a handle that you pick up and shake a little) so that I could hear him from anywhere in the house during the daytime.
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I've read on these forums about pads you put on the floor that are alarmed so they go off when the person gets out of bed. Maybe something like that would help.
Even better, I think, would be a motion sensor alarm. Check out the alzheimer's store.
Sorry, I had to chuckle. I cannot imagine how uncomfortable it would be to sleep with bells attached to me. Alarm pad next to the bed makes the most sense.
I'd check out alarm devices online, including bed alarms that alert you when the person gets out of bed.
Hi, thank you all for your suggestions. The alarm pad sounds like a winner!
One has to make sure what ever you do that it doesn't frighten the dementia patient. You don't want the person to become scared to even get out of bed during the day.
Here is my two cents. I have an alarm system on our house doors. It connects to a base unit and I also have the pager for it. This company offers many accessories for this system. I think they have a pad that will connect to the base unit. No alarm would sound in the LO room but it would sound in yours and to the pager. There are other accessories and I think a wall mounted motion sensor.
We also have battery operated motion sensor lights and they can be a pain. One nearest the bed lights up with even the movement of foot under the covers. It is used for getting up at night, no alarm.
Hope this helps.

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