My Mom 99 years old recently was put on Hospice home care. Since being at home she has become very depressed, eats very little, won't watch TV or listen to music. She just wants to sleep or while awake she becomes very restless and agitated. Mom has always been a very stubborn and strong woman but, now being bedridden which has caused her to talk of death constantly. She pleads with God and to take her out of this world. Mom believes in God and I knows Jesus died on the cross for her sins, but says she won't be going to heaven since she rarely went to church and hasn't been baptized. I've spoken to her on many occasions about being saved through Gods Grace and as long as one acknowledges that Christ died for your sins you will be saved. But it doesn't help. I've asked to bring in a minister to speak to her and baptize her. She refuses. Today she told my brother she's afraid to die. In my heart I know part of it is because she doesn't have peace with God and I don't know how to help.

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Call the minister anyway, and leave the two of them alone to talk. She has sins to confess, either real or imagined, so she can leave them behind and accept forgiveness. It will bring her great peace.
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