How can I deal with being worn out from a parent with Sundowner's?

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My 83-year old mother gets into everything and keeps me and my two children 13 and 16 up late at night worn out help

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My mom didn't have any mental condition, and waited until everyone was asleep to roam and rummage through the house. During the day she'd watch those sappy novelas on TV, complete with hunks, damsels in distress, love triangles, and maids sporting perms, pumps, and pearls while they vacuumed.

After three days she was no longer a guest and had to help with the chores. At first I kept it to a minimum because she claimed to the an "old, frail woman." Bull. ... That little leaf in the wind stuck her sticky fingers into everything, including my love affairs. So I came up with a TO DO LIST designed to wear her out so she'd sleep at night.

Nothing changed, so I put her in a senior citizens home about a year later. ... It was time for her to go.

Hope this helps -- or at least makes you smile.

-- ED

Ed, that is too funny! And you did the right thing. I bet she is much better in a senior home with people and activites.
That's what it's called Sundowner's? My 96 year old mom does some of that...she'll get up in the middle of the night and she'll make herself a rootbeer float that she shares with the dogs. She also organizes the kitchen counter and silverware drawers. Or, she sorts her costume jewelry. Sundowner's! Thanks for sharing.
Hi, I just googled and thought this link might be helpful.
Bless you, you will not regret taking care of her. It's hard, my mother was 91, just passed this week. She had sundowners when she was able to get up, it was rough, but I wouldn't take anything (even though I did get aggravated) for being with her through it. It has been a week now and if I could just take care of her 1 more time would be the greatest blessing ever. Hang in there, you will never regret it.
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My mother constantly calls out for me all day and all night long. should I always respond? I'm exhausted, haven't slept in days and my husband is becoming infuriated with the situation.
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