Where can I go to get help with medical and prescription costs for my Dad?


He has been with me since the 90's and is now getting to the point of my husband & I spending more on med/prescriptions for my father than trying to save for our own retirement. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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If your dad hasn't got enough assets to pay his medical bills he likely qualifies for Medicaid. Please check with your Social Services right away since approval takes time.
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How old is your father? If he is over 65 and lives in the US, Medicare Part D should cover most of his prescription costs. Part B should cover many of his other costs. If he needs more than Medicare, he may qualify for Medicaid, as Carol talked about. Let us know a bit more about him and someone may have some other ideas.
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Assuming he has Medicare Part B, Medicare has a program called "Extra Help" for Medicare Part D. This program helps the Medicare beneficiary pay for Medicare Part D premiums and prescriptions. Medicare Part D is only available from an insurance company. One does not get it from Medicare (like you do with Part B). You can go to your local Social Security office or call 1-800-MEDICARE. They can tell you what plans are available in your area and help you apply. www.MEDICARE.GOV has a plan finder that will show you health plans and Medicare Part D plans in your area. At the local level, there are many programs: State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP), State Pharmacy Assistance (SPAP), and the State Medical Assistance (Medicaid). Like Carol said, you can also start with your City or County Social Services office. Even if he doesn't qualify for Medicaid or some traditional programs, they may know of other special help (like a phone bill, heat, food). Remember, a dollar less spent on those things can help out as well.
Directly - ask the pharmacist if Dad is on the generic or the most cost effective medication for his condition. A lot of times the doctor prescribes the latest and greatest drug, even when one that is 40 years old would work just fine. I took a migraine medicine for years that cost over $500 a month. I now take a blood pressure pill that costs $4.00 a month and prevents the headaches almost totally.

You should check with your local grocery stores, warehouse stores and retailer (Target,Wal-Mart,KMart) to see if you are paying the lowest price for the meds. Many of these stores print a price list. A lot of them offer specials like $4.00 a month for maintenance drugs - they do this to suck you into their store and buy stuff while you are there.

If he absolutely must have an expensive medication, speak to the doctor about getting free samples. Depending on the medication, a manufacturer may have a program to help with a certain drug. Ask your/his pharmacist or doctor if they know about any.

I hope this helps!
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