I'm the only one in my family who is helping and concerned about my Mom and Dad. They are on SSI and having problems paying for all the things they require like depends for both,Dad needs a hearing aid and a new eye the co-pays for all these supposedly covered by insurance is so high I really don't know what to do.Is there any help out there his insurance agent stinks and is no help at all. Who do I contact about depends and finding a geriatric doctor for Dads dementia. thank you Kathi

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Kathi, sometime way back through Mom's primary care HMO, we filed a claim to see if Medicare would pay for Mom's diapers-- it was denied. The stated reason was that she needed to first try taking an incontinent drug. I can't even remember the name of the drug (but she did try it). After using the drug for a month or so, I didn't see any change in her incontinence and the side effects (constipation?can't remember) were not worth continuing using the drug. Mom has vascular dementa--her incontinence is caused by that dementia not an overactive bladder. (I was way to busy to pursue this.) As I said this was sometime back so I'm not sure what the case would be now if you should try to get help from Medicare. As far as finding a geriatric doctor-- you might call your local Alzheimers association for information/services. That may be a good start. Good luck.
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