I am back with an almost-repeat question. Previously, we were looking at ALF for my mom, but it was not really necessary. Recently she had a couple of mini-strokes, and now it is. But she is in that in-between world where she is really still higher functioning that a nursing home represents, but probably not able to live on her own. She has Anthem for her supplemental insurance, but they would only pay for in-home rehab, when she was clearly unable to live alone. So now we will have to pay at least $2500 (could be more) for a two week stay at a rehab center (this is all being appealed, but has been denied twice).

She is currently home with my brother, but that is not a long-term strategy.

What do people do in cases like this? Her SS income is about $1600 per month, and she has assets of about $35000. Protecting this money is not an issue, only how to get her help in living... Even the most modest ALF facilities are way more than that, and most do not take Medicaid patients.

If anyone, especially in KY, has suggestions, I would love to hear them.



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Booda, what does she need assistance with? Often, there is a home health care agency in the area that already has clients in a facility like this. Perhaps she could get housekeeping, some shower assistance once a week and perhaps medication management ?
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She has an apartment at the Masonic home in Louisville, and it offers both on-site meals and transportation to Walmart or grocery stores... when we got that for her, we thought it was the answer to our problems, but now after the mini-strokes, we are just not sure she will be able to live there on her own. There is no "help" of any kind... it is just an apartment.

I have the disadvantage of being the child who lives out of state, so I am trying to help my brother out, but don't know all of the answers.. I will relay to him anything I feel will help him out.
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Booda, did she have a 3 day qualifying hospital stay after the strokes? That's what triggers Medicare payment for rehab. It's a good thing to know, just in general.

Are there any "independent living" facilities near you? My mom was fine there for the period between when she couldn't live alone and when she had a major stroke. She got three meals a day, activities, transportation and there was an emergency cord in every room. I managed her meds but she self administered them.

Are there senior apartments in her area?
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