I paid a CPA to do my 2011 and 2012 taxes. I filed late because of illness and death of my mother and father the next year. I paid what was owed and now IRS did an audit and sent me a Letter of Deficiency, when I was under the understanding that they would send me a letter to offer help. Instead I received a letter of deficiency and they want almost $8,000. I'm 71 years old and work part-time. I just saved my home because of the hardship I have been under. I only have until 6/15/2015.

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Contact the IRS Ombudsman - the number is in the 1040 booklet, I believe toward the end of the booklet.

Something is amiss, though. If you only work part time, I don't know how you could be assessed $8,000.

I'd try to find a tax lawyer first thing tomorrow. Google tax attorneys for Palmyra, NJ and start calling to see how soon you can talk to someone.

Better yet, contact the attorney bar association in Palmyra, or the county in which Palmyra is located and ask for a referral to a tax attorney or tax law firm.

There's a certain classification that tax attorneys use to make it clear they're qualified to do IRS representation but I can't recall what that is now.

Ferris is an IRS expert; I think she used to work for them. Hopefully she'll see your post and respond.

The IRS has been making a few odd mistakes over the last few years. The $8k assessment may be that but you'll still have to jump through the hoops.

Last year they sent my father a letter advising him he couldn't get his refund because he didn't file the correct form for a refund for a deceased person - i.e., him! How someone decided he was dead is a mystery I never solved.
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