She has recently fallen more ill! We moved to mi in 2012 and she was fine she is now almost 66 and was in the hospital for phenomena and a hip surgery .. she is unable to take care of herself and now we are being told dementia has started .. she now have 121hrs of caregiving that my daughters are covering for her there, however they are young and cant handle much more .. I want her here with me for there is no other family so that I can take care of her, however not sure what I can do ! not a lot of funds to fly there and bring her back if she can even sit on a plane that long ... my daughter says she thinks driving is a better options due to the health and the amount of accidents she has in a day .. thanks in advance for your help

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No, I think you should find placement for her in California, where she can get Medi-Cal and her granddaughters can still visit her. Let's face it, we are not getting any younger either. Dementia patients do very badly on airplanes and you could end up de-planed at a hub with no way to travel on. Compare Medi-Cal to Michigan's programs, which are limited to X number of participants. So many children have done what you are proposing and lived to regret it.
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