Does anyone know how can I get more help to care for my terminally ill mother at home?


I am open to change the hospice & the long term medicaid plan services. My mother 89 years old needs 24/7 care and it is extremely difficult for me to provide this service by myself. She is terminal ill. Hospice is providing one hour daily for personal care and the Medicaid long term care diversion program is providing 2 hours daily. I talked to these services and requested to increase the daily hours however, they have refused. Please let me know if I need to change the Hospice and the long term diversion program to another plans that cares for the patient and the caregiver.

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I'll echo Jeanne's question. Does this hospice program have a Hospice House? The one we had offered a no-cost three day respite for caregivers if the prognosis was 3 to 6 months. We never had the opportunity to utilize it as my dad went quite quickly. Our particular hospice also would supply non-paid volunteers as available to run errands or just sit with the loved one and provide support while giving you time to go and get a cup of coffee and get away for awhile.

When it gets down to truly, end of life times, 10 days at the Hospice House are covered by Medicare.

If your hospice does not provide these things, I would check around or delegate it to another family member stressing urgency. You don't need more on your plate during this time. I lucked out on the first one I called due to hearing great things about them before the crisis. I was fortunate and am very thankful.

God bless you on this difficult journey. Wishing you and your mom real life answers that bring you peace and comfort.
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In my area, each hospice seems to provide services at different levels. Identify the hospices in your area and call each one to determine what they offer. (make notes it's easy to get confused). Choose the one that offers the best level of services for your Mom. I'm not familiar with the Long term care program so I have nothing to offer there. Does your house of worship offer any companion or errand services. Mine does this at no cost to the member. I can't think of anyone that will give 24/7 coverage except private pay or a skilled nursing facility
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Does this hospice provider have a Hospice House? Would moving Mother to that be an option?

I understand that Hospice personal care hours are limited, but I'm surprised that the Medicaid program won't increase the hours. We were getting 32 hours a week at the end. Have you asked for a new needs assessment? Maybe it varies a lot by state ...
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