My mother is painfully shy and has limited mobility. She has very low self-esteem. Although she and Dad may be living closer, I can't be their only source of companionship.

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Maybe you could host a small cookout at their house and invite some neighbors, keep it small to not overwhelm mom. Maybe take a morning and escort them to senior center, stay even if they want to go and just read the paper or join in a card game, stay for lunch, this will orient them to the activities. Is there a church they could join? Dine out club? Senior center hosts a number of activities and outings. Moving to new area is hard for older parents to start over and a lot of pressure on you. Find out what they love, then introduce them to a few groups or areas to enjoy, library, etc. maybe you could volunteer together for a couple months at some place, hospital, senior living center, library, church, then once your mom starts getting comfortable and meeting a couple people, you can drop out and she can continue. Also there are "mall walkers" or daily morning walks "silver sneakers" at local YMCA. Just some ideas.
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Where are your parents relocating to? Why are they moving? With a little more information more folks may be able to help you better.
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