How can I help my mother become more politically active?


My mother lives in an assisted living facility and is unable to make phone calls. I am amassing cards and letters that she can send to her representatives, but I wonder if anyone else has other ideas of how to help her make her voice heard, given her limitations but also her rights as a US citizen?

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My mthr used to protest, testify at hearings, etc, but once she started that long downward spiral, she was really not able to follow what was going on, except in her one big cause. As her Alzheimer's has increased, she watches the news and it does anger her at times, but once she stopped being able to discuss it with me, I stopped helping her with cards and letters.
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Thanks to you both! Indeed, organizing people in her facility would not be the right idea. But she watches a lot of tv and is very aware of all that is going on. She can't join me at protests (but I share all my pics!) or really get out, and so I do think that letters and postcards may be the only way. Good to have your confirmation and reaffirmation. Thank you!
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I agree with Jeanne regarding today's politics which sadly have become so confusing and very angry.   I would be very careful if Mom tried to gather other people where she lives to see her way.

My hobby is politics and that goes way back. In the past one could debate with the other side of an issue in a peaceful way, still agree to disagree, and still be friends.   But in today political theater it is totally different unless one believes everything you believe.  If they don't, duck.

It is fine if Mom contacts her representatives with cards and letters.  That is safe to do.   Does Mom use the Internet?   If yes, find her a safe website for her to use.   Keep her out of the "comment" section of the newspaper websites as so many of those comments have very vial language.... [sigh]
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If she understands the cards and letters and she really wants to send them, that sounds fine, especially if she was politically alive before she resided in ALF. Would hearing about your plans and actions be meaningful and satisfying to her?

On the other hand, politics right now seem pretty crazy and lots of us who don't have dementia are having a hard time dealing with current developments. Are you sure that it is good for your mom to be exposed to all this? I'd be inclined to protect her from nastiness in the news and encourage peace at this time of her life.

Of course, you know her and what she thrives on and what upsets her. Do what you think is best for her.
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