Some guy scammed my mom into buying a new car, won't make payments, and no insurance. HELP.

A gentleman came around befriending my mom. Was almost "dating her" and he asked for help with a car. She was not in her right mind, she has some cognitive issues and was under influence of sleeping medication. Ended up signing for 2015 Dodge Challenger. Now he is not making payments, has no insurance coverage, and tells my mom he is trying to sell the vehicle. In addition to frequently avoiding her calls. Bank has opened a fraud investigation. Any advice?

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Yes, igloo is right. My brother in NC did this for my Mom after our other sister ripped her off. This ensures no new accounts or credit cards can be opened in your Moms name and SS#. a safety precaution and good advise from igloo. In the meantime, I hope the police know of this guy. Maybe I watch too much TV, but your mom may not be his first or only victim... Maybe you can at least help make sure he doesnt do this to another old lady.. These Sweetheart scams are rarely reported as the victims are embarrassed and feel foolish for being taken in by these scammers. Also, you could contact the auto place and tell them to go ahead and repo the car, that your Mom is not going to pay. If I understand correctly.
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Are you her DPOA or is another family member? Whomever is probably needs to ASAP get mom to sit beside you and then you both go online to put a fraud alert on her & her credit history with the big three credit reporting companies. If there isn't DPOA done, then you help mom to do these on-line nevertheless but with her doing it.

. She needs fraud alert placed & you need to show you take this seriously and are proactive in protecting her. You can later use this to show your suitability as guardian or conservator for your mom when you file to be one IF she cannot be competent & cognitive to do a DPOA.

About the bank, try to find out what type of fraud investigation. Account on "warm"
status is different than one frozen.
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Immediately report the crime to the local police.
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