She has been diagnosed with a bladder infection. She is supposed to be taking an antibiotic but I am not positive that she is doing so. She is 82 years old. She is convinced that she is having surgery on Christmas Eve and is pulling luggage around with her wherever she goes.

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The best thing to do is make sure she is taking the medicine prescribed. Do you know if she was given something like Macrobid or Bactrim? She needs to take them according to the schedule. If she doesn't improve psychologically in the next week, have her go back to the doctor to make sure the antibiotic is the correct one. Her doctors should have cultured the bacteria to see what it was sensitive to. UTIs can make elderly people psychotic. It took almost a week of the correct antibiotic in my mother's case for her to be more normal.
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Make sure that she is taking the antibiotic. Any kind of an infection can cause hallucinations or delusions so the first and most important thing to do is to clear up the infection. If she continues to have problems after the infection is gone then it is time to explore other possibilities -- but only after the infection is dealt with.
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