My husband is soon to be 90, with Alzheimer's, can barely walk, uses depends. I feed him, but he takes forever to chew and falls asleep with the food in his mouth. I have taken to liquids and ice cream. He is loosing weight, down to about 125 lbs.from a high of 168 in about 6 months. I had Visiting Nurses come by and evaluate him at 135 lbs. and the said they wouldn't step in and help until he was about 110 lbs., meaning Hospice. I need some assistance in taking care of him. Does Medicare offer and help with bathing and toileting? I am looking for some assistance for prevention against hospital care?

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Medicare does not have any help in this situation.

Your choices are to find and hire someone ... and pay for them yourself. Have you husband doctor put him in hospice (this will only mean and hour or so a week till the end is quite close). Or qualify for Medicaid....

But, even with Medicaid, they will not pay for a full time person in the home..but rather most him to a nursing facility or,hospice facility.

Call your local council on aging...or the county social services offices. They may have some local resources that might help.
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