He is a Vietnam veteran and paying for Medicare.

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Jason, does your dad have his military discharge papers? You should be able to contact your regional office with that info to get started for his regular medical benefits. Their website: va (dot) gov (slash) healthbenefits (slash) apply has a few ways to get in touch and to begin to apply.

Like MagicMan mentioned, it is really helpful to have some outside help because the VA can be hard to navigate and their reps on the phone are not always well-informed, especially if you are looking at Aid and Attendance. We had a volunteer at the American Legion help us.

The VA has greatly improved its website too; sometimes you find info there that the VA staff won't tell you. If you haven't done so already, it might help to take a look around their website. They have an area on the site for geriatric veterans that should have some helpful info for your dad.

Best of luck. The VA can be painful to deal with as a bureaucracy, but the actual benefits are very helpful.
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Hi Jason, try the people at National Association of Veterans & Families. They will submit for you your claim and they have a 99% success rate. Here is their info:

Phone: 800-352-2919 Local: 904-394-3908 Fax: 855-217-6178 Website:

Good luck,, I am currently using them to help me too.
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Try a site search Jason (on the upper right).
I'll bump this question up for you...
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