She has incontinence. She is in our home now due to her fall. She has to be assisted to get up at night at least 5-8 times a night. She did have a bad head cut (probably a concussion) when she fell and bruises about every where. She is 88 yrs old. Only broke her nose as far as bones go. My question; Are we being to hopeful for her recovery after such a bad fall? It has been 3 weeks and I see no improvement other than brusies are gone. She also sleeps practically all day even though I get her up to bathroom/excercise/eat/walk/ I try to keep her awake during the day, but as soon as we are done with anything, she is right back to sleep. She sometimes looks pale or a little yellow. Her blood work came back fine from doctor. I am looking into UTI right now, but I do not see her getting any better and I can accept that because I am not only her D-I-N I am her full time care giver at this time for we thought she may get better, but with the delirium/hallucinations onset..I am not so sure she will ever get better from the trauma. Do elderly go down fast when they have such a bad fall and never really return to normal? She is only on Melatonin for sleep and a pain pill for her back and hip..but she has been on those, so this is not a big change in medicine regiman. She is on B/P med too then only on Vitimins..No big changes since fall. Please help me to understand the delirium/hallucinations if all else seems to be ok other than the fall and not in her own home. Thank you.

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