Help! Dad's lift chair is way too big for him!


My dad has been gifted a lift chair, which he needs, but it is too large. Does anyone have a link to a comfortable cushion I could buy? His legs are shorter than the seat is deep.

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I know we're not supposed to look a gift horse in the mouth, but how frustrating this must be for you!

The trouble is that although you can get him comfortable in the chair itself with strategically placed cushions, the main point of the thing is the rising to stand and that function just isn't going to work - he'd have to wriggle to get his legs positioned ready and it could even tip him sideways and pose a whole new falls risk :/

I like the 'bat your eyelashes at the manufacturer' idea. Flattery will get you everywhere!

Wishing you success, however it happens.
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There are wheel chair pillows that are thick and cover the back and both arms of the wheel chair. They are not too expensive.
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Try contacting the chair manufactures.

Be very careful how you phrase things. When whoever comes on the phone first. Smile as you talk to them. Say thank you for answering so quickly AND it is sooooo nice to speak to a real person that will understand your problem, and not an automated voice.

When you get through to someone that can change things for the better. Sound grateful but worried (Just in case dad falls while in it.)

If they would be so good as..........
If they would be so kind as to....................
You are sure the fantastic testimonial you would leave would be..............
You are soooooo grateful for them using their busy time with you insurmountable problem but..........................
At the end of it all, say you are hoping to hear good news by email or post and thank them profusely for their time. Even if it did not go your way. Things can always change in the future and they may even give you a 'good' discount on a new - measured chair for the lift.

Until then cushions and a car seat strap.

Good Luck
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It's actually just a loaner chair, but I agree that if it is not comfortable it's not really worth it. I think I will get a piece of softer foam rubber as a back cushion, or a lawn furniture cushion and try those before we take it back. Thank you for your input!
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You might find a cushion at a thrift store that can be cleaned up.
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When my Dad wanted a lift chair, I rented him one to "test drive". The store asked about my Dad's weight and height, and sent out a chair that was a perfect size for him.  Dad had shrunk over the years, he was now under 5' tall, so his chair was really a woman's size chair [I didn't tell him that].

He said that chair was the best thing ever. He wished he would have known about such a chair years ago. The monthly rent was reasonable, and Dad could purchase the chair whenever he wanted and there would have been a discount.
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This is one of those times when a free gift is really not worth having, to work well the chair needs to be fitted to him - that's why they come in different sizes. Usually the point of getting a lift chair is to help him stand independently, having to stuff it with pillows is going to make that difficult since I can't see any way they would stay in place when the chair tilts. Maybe you could sew them in place? Even then it may make using the chair safely difficult.
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Is the chair new? Do you know where it was purchased? My mother's first lift chair was not a good fit, so it was returned and replaced with a different size. Since yours is a gift, this might not be feasible, but if it is new, it would be worth looking into.
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Maybe one of those lawn chair cushions would work.I saw some nice cushions today at Walmart for $14.97 and you could also box him in with pillows all around him.
I'm sorry his chair is too big for him,but it's great he has one.
Take care~
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