How to help my brother-in-law with returning his POA from his daughter?


My brotherinlaw leaves in assistant leaving home .His oldest daughter has power of attorney now she do sent want nothing to do with him .He has another daughter and son and yanger daughter visits once in awhile brings him news papers and that is at. other two the don visit at all .I was out of country for five months when i returned and visited him i found him very upset and he told me no one visits him ,He has pain in his legs which were crushed twice i car accident several years back and he use walker to walk round and shooter to go outside .he has problem with vision in his right eye no one took him to doctor and he told me he has no doctor he passed ave His scooter was cowed with dust in the room and wasn't working for over six month's service man came but his daughter din answer phone regards payment and he has no excess to bank account plus only payment is by visa or checque hes non of this.Television was setting in box no one installed .Teflon wasn't working so he is totally isolated from outside world and home he leaves in din do anything to help him out with any of this .he was totally neglected no one deserve this he is not insensate he is weary calm and respectable 78 year old man .situation he is now is terribly unfair and i like to help him out he request to find how he can take power of attorney fro his daughter and get beck in charge of his financial situation .he has good pension ,RIF,house was sold several years back wean he moved in this home plus he owes cottage up north on lake he wants to sell so he is well situated financially but has no axes to anything his daughter took over and blacked him from exiting his account plus he has no idea about his investments and i asked him he has will made his answer was no
he has no documents of anything his daughter has all of it.He requested to ask them to come and meet with him and he want me to be present and he wants lawyer there also .i called daughter that has power of attorney and she agree ,and younger daughter that comes to see him once in e vile and son din respond on my reqest.please help me with this what is best way to approach this situation .
He expressed tat he want better nursing home where he wil have better care .His room is filthy when i ask them why his room is mess the told me he din aloud house keeper in and i know that not truth he most kind man. Room stank so bed and few days latter i return room was cleaned lilibet better .His undershirts and towels bedding are terrible .he had no new towels bought for years or under shirts i wont even use them to wash car with .
this is all weary upsetting for me he has no one to take care of him and he deserve nothing but best of everything and financially he can afford it all just proper care to be taken of him and his fiances .How can i help mu bratherinlaw with his situation please help thank you so much

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All he has to do is meet with an attorney who can draft a rescission of the DPOA authority and create a new one, then notify the daughter she no longer has any authority.
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Unless he is mentally incompetent, and it sounds like that isn't the case, he can still be in charge of his own financial affairs. A POA grants powers to be an assistant, it doesn't take away his rights to handle his own affairs.
I think there has to be more going on with BIL than meets the eye, for instance nothing is preventing him from being clean but himself, this could be just the visible part of the iceberg, there may be hidden reason's why you have found things in such a sorry state.
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Who would your BIL want to have his POA? He can very easily change that, without even having a meeting with his children. Did a lawyer draw the original POA up? Could you take him to that same lawyer? Or help him find an Elder-Law attorney? That lawyer can also help re-establish his access to his own accounts.

It sounds like BIL's main impairments are physical, as a result of an accident. Does he also have some dementia, do you know? If so, it is possible his personality has changed somewhat and he had not been letting the cleaning people in.

I hope you can arrange a family meeting, and try to understand what is going on, from everyone's point of view.
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