My Mom screams, when I try to lift her, to help her up out of bed. Then she fights, and literally pulls herself to the floor. Then she sleeps, & doesn't wan to be touched. And it goes on for hours through out the day. How do I help her without the screaming, the pulling, the fighting. It's very frustrating, then I can't get her changed, she won't eat meals, she won't even come out of the room, all day.

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Your profile says that your mother has dementia. Resistance to care if quite common with dementia. Sometimes they cannot tolerate being touched, bathed, interacting, but, there could also be some other reason like pain in her body. I'd call her doctor and have her examined to rule out other things. If she's dehydrated and malnourished due to refusing to eat or drink, I'd ask about hospice and if that's appropriate now.
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You get her on the right meds to calm her down. Call the MD. In the mean time, if she is on the floor screaming, you should call 911, get her taken to the hospital for evaluation. Bones break easily.
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