Heavy duty or insulated socks for older, cold feet?

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Does anyone have a good source for heavy socks for feet that get cold at night? I'm searching sports, camping and backpacking sources, looking for double knit, insulated, or other heavy duty socks that are washable.

I wear double knits and they're quite warm, but haven't yet found any for my father. The few socks I did find were sold out (online).

These should be loose enough that he can get them on just to wear at night.

If worse comes to worse, I'll buy some fleece and make some, as I think they'd be great, but the good quality fleece is more than my sewing machine can handle so a heavy needle and thimble will probably be required. I've never quite managed to work well with a thimble.

Last year I bought a great electric mattress pad, but the heat generated from beneath the sheets doesn't really warm his feet.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I love the socks from REI, they are so warm and comfortable, as you can order them online! Deluth Trading Company also has great socks, probably intended for the hiker or outdoorsman, they are great too! They are kinda expensive,  but they last Forever! Good luck!
I seem to recall Costco had some recently. Also 'LL Bean
Check out Foot Snugglers by Buck and Buck (adaptive clothing)
Wow jjariz, those are fantastic, and so are their legwarmers! Too bad with exchange rates and shipping costs they are so expensive :(
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I've found sooo many varieties of heavy socks, thanks to your suggestions. In searching, I also found out that Home Depot carries them. Ah, a chance for Dad to visit a Man Cave!

Sometimes it's hard to find something specific for an older person; at other times it's hard to choose. I've segued in the latter position.

Thanks to each of you; I appreciate the suggestions.
Army surplus? Sailors' outfitters?
Update: found several local stores to check first as I didn't realize that this was an urgent need until Dad mentioned it this morning. In addition, I'd like to get it locally not only b/c of the need but b/c there's a problem in an adjoining community with packages being stolen from porches. We're quite close, and it wouldn't surprise me if the thieves expanded their territory. I would prefer not to have to move outside on the day of delivery to ensure that a pilferer doesn't sneak off with the socks.

There are 2 Army-Navy surplus stores on the way out to Dad's, plus a Home Depot near his home. So I'll see what I can find there first. I was thinking of some Arctic socks for the units that train in the far north - that might be just what we need.

I might also look for dancers' leg warmers which can easily be pulled down over the socks to add additional warmth.

Thanks again for the suggestions. You've helped me realize that there are so many sources for insulated/thermal socks.
Look in some of the farmers supply stores that sell things like Carhart clothes.
I think you can also buy socks with battery powered warmers.
wool socks are great, they are warm, no longer scratchy and wick away the moisture.Mom loves them! we got nice ones from Costco.
wool socks are great, they are warm, no longer scratchy and wick away the moisture.Mom loves them! we got nice ones from Costco.

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