Heart matter; can anything be done besides medications and lifestyle changes?

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For someone with chronic heart failure and chronic kidney disease, can anything be done besides medications and lifestyle changes? He also 81 years of age. If works can be done is it worth it? And for how long?

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What has his doctor said about it? And what does your father want? My dad is 80 and still competent, so he makes his own decisions. I go with him to most doctor appointments though, for support and to ensure the information is provided and received correctly. My dad is a heart patient and has had a quadruple bypass and many stents. He takes meds and does quite well. His blood work looks pretty good. I don't think that daddy would consent to anymore procedures though. But, his kidneys are pretty good. Maybe, someone who has dealt with that will respond. I hope you can find your answers.
For CHF I don't think there is anything but lifestyle changes and medication. At least no one ever suggested any procedures for my husband over the decades he had CHF.

I think there are drastic measures (dialysis or transplant) for end-stage chronic kidney disease, but that medications are the primary treatment options.

Your father has already exceeded the current life expectancy for men in the US. So "how long" anything will work also needs to consider how long Dad is likely to live regardless of treatments.
Dear Nikki,

I'm sorry to hear about this person's condition. It is challenging dealing with heart and kidney issues. With my dad I would have given anything and done anything to keep him going for as long as possible. But like the others have said it really depends on what the person wants as well. My grandmother was 92. She had a heart attack and then told her kidneys were failing. She passed two months later without any treatments except meds. My aunt said she didn't want any aggressive treatments. In my mind now, it all depends on what the patient wants. Try to do what the patient wants for as long as you can.
Cdnreader... My dad is in hospice so he doesn't know what's going on except what i tell him. He just think he have a heart problems that can be fix later when he feels better. I don't know how to break it to him that he might not make it. He seems more upset as to why instead of getting better there's more problems arising. He seems disappointed and I felt so useless not being able to do anything except waiting.

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