I have been told by an Ombudsman in Ohio that nursing homes are not required to share health information electronically to POA. I understand such a transmission must be secure but millions of dollars are transferred every day with secure passwords and encryption. Thus my question to a large base from other areas? I know Hipaa is very strict as should be expected but I thought this was possible.

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It is my understanding that email is not considered secure transmission and thus is not used by doctors or facilities to send results.
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I receive health information electronically about my mother. She isn't in a NH, but her university health clinic has it set up so that I can sign in to see results of tests she has done. I am her healthcare POA. This is a service offered by the clinic that is not available in many other places. It is probably up to the facility whether they want to offer electronic services and what type of information could be shared.

Are you talking about sharing through fax, email, or messaging? I would say the ombudsman is probably correct. It would be nice if they did, but I don't know if it is a legal requirement.
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