My Dad just recently passed. He had a significant amount of funds in both checking and savings accounts. He was old fashioned and saved everything he worked hard for. All of us (my siblings and myself) work full time so my we hired a Health care worker to watch over Dad in these last few months. We thought we did our due diligence and picked someone who was a home owner about a block away. She came highly recommended by one of our other neighbors who were also life long, close friends of my Dad (since childhood) so I felt strongly that I could trust. Well, my brother has been watching the accounts since my Dad's death and a cancelled check for $2500.00 dollars made out to the health care worker arrived with the monthly statement. That same brother was paying the Health care worker weekly and interfacing with her every week to ensure we were "even". Because of that, we are sure there was nothing owed to her and this check was fraudulent. My brother went to the police but they said he needed to go to the bank first. Our plans are to have the bank close or drain the account and stop any other funds being dispersed from this account in case she has more checks. I need advice as to what else I should be doing and how I can ensure no stone is left unturned. I would the funds returned, the truth to be found and if she is guilty, her to be punished. Most importantly, I want my Dad's accounts protected while the will is processing through probate and until it is divided among my siblings and I. Any advice you can share would be appreciated. This is in New York City in case that matters. Thank you!!!

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Thank you pstiegman :-) Do you know, since the signatures on the checks she cashed look nothing like my Dad's, do you know if the bank will reimburse?
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Work with the bank investigators and continue to press charges.
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